{My Year with Gary: A Prologue}


First thing’s first: Gary Oldman, probably the best actor alive with the strangest filmography, has appeared in 54 feature films, 3 TV movies, and a variety of other projects. Some of them are brilliant, and some of them are very, very bad. I am going to watch all of them in a year’s time (March 2016 to March 2017). Here’s why. 

A few days ago, Gary Oldman was a trending hashtag on Facebook and Twitter, and probably some other social media outlets which I am unaware of because I am now old in social media years. It’s alarming to reach the age where you can trace online community back to AIM chatroom days; bonus points if you remember the vibrant angst of the typical AOL instant messenger away messages (mine were always, always song lyrics).

Anyway, I was pleased to see that the reason for #garyoldman circulation was due to it being the man’s birthday. As a rule, I am always proud and defensive of the people I like, and I have always liked Mr. Oldman. What’s that? An understatement, you say? Yes, okay, I have long had serious love for Gary Oldman. As a certified cinephile I have often camped on his work, in awe of his talent and knack for making himself (whoever that is) vanish into whatever he needs to be onscreen. There are many versatile, powerful actors in Hollywoodland (and out of it), but this guy is uncanny. Of course, like anyone worth studying, he has also made some very strange career choices.

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