Twenty-Four: Sin, Work Ethic, and Contextual Mediocrity

Hello- I am writing this on March 21, Gary Oldman's birthday! So. Happy GO Day unto you. (also, yay about all those well-deserved Mank nominations) In the realm of contemporary mainstream Hollywood, Daniel Day-Lewis is widely considered the best living actor. Gary Oldman often ranks close behind, and the two are frequently compared as they … Continue reading Twenty-Four: Sin, Work Ethic, and Contextual Mediocrity

Twenty-Three: A Christmas Carol, Distance, and Holiday Reunions

I don't know how many film adaptations of A Christmas Carol exist, but the list seems endless. I'm not a maniacal fan of the story (though I don't deny its power or charm) so I've only seen a few of said movies, but to my mind, the only Christmas Carols that matter are Scrooged, the … Continue reading Twenty-Three: A Christmas Carol, Distance, and Holiday Reunions

Twenty-Two: Meantime, Autism, Glass Children and Neo-Nazis

This one has a shockingly young, skin-headed Gary Oldman banging around in a giant metal pot, and if that doesn't sell you on Meantime, then I just don't know what will.

Twenty: The Firm, Hooliganism, and Masculinity Gone Awry

It’s bad for society, and y'know, it’s really bad for men.

Eighteen: The Book of Eli, Westerns, and the Politics of Faith

As gunslingers and sinners, they each need redemption, but they suck at going about it-- one moreso than the other, maybe, but they're both in trouble. And no, I'm not talking about the 2020 election (okay, I am, kind of).

Sixteen: Hannibal, Scary Makeup, and Hiding in Plain Sight

Verger is an incredibly revolting character, but not because of his lewk.

Fifteen: Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Oceans of Time, and Sexiness

That's right: Bram Stoker's Dracula directed by Francis Ford Coppola IS sexiness. Sometimes even surprisingly so, even though we are talking about the 1990's aesthetic colliding with one of the most sex-obsessed works of literature ever.

Nine: Air Force One, The American Dream President, and Nostalgic Patriotism

The POTUS is kind of an arrogant gambler of American lives, but Gary is scary!

Six: Lost in Space, villainous career advice, and life lessons from Vincent Price

You know who IS trying here, though? Gary Oldman. Gary Oldman is trying.

Three: Track 29, The Love Ladder, and the Unexpected Value of Ugliness

Something about this relationship made me think about Plato's The Symposium. Stay with me, here